Verify email
That's why it is mandatory to verify your email.

 Today we talk about Verifying your account!

 Your Sunake Hotel account is valuable.

 Whether it's time spent playing games, created rooms, friendships or money spent on the shop, your investments should be protected.

 Our player support team works throughout the year to ensure that compromised accounts return to their rightful owners as quickly and with less damage as possible. Sometimes this takes some time, which can be frustrating. We do our best to protect your account and prevent this from happening, but it's easier with your help.

 And here's where you come in!

 Verifying your email address adds a vital level of security to your account and allows us to provide you with a faster way to recover it.

 A verified email address allows us to quickly send account recovery information if you have problems logging into the client and identifying yourself as the legitimate owners of your accounts.
Written by Bridgette